Skellerup Quatro Dielectric FRO3 Series Slip On Overshoes


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  • Easy action slip on design
  • Recessed heel step
  • Full foxing guard
  • High-spec, waterproof, hand-built, rubber dielectric overshoes
  • Manufactured with specially formulated insulating layers offering exceptional electrical protection
  • Grey upper allows for easier visual identification and in-service inspection
  • Reinforcing scuff and abrasion guards in high-wear areas
  • ASTM F1117, 20kV
  • Skellerup’s Quatro Dielectric FRO3 and FRO4 Series Overshoes feature a unique outsole. The outsole is made from insulating, oil resistant, nitrile rubber providing exceptional electrical protection.  The mud releasing design of the SureGrip 360 forefront and heel pad allows for top-of-the-line grip and comfort.
  • Construction: Vulcanized rubber
  • Upper Material: Insulating rubber
  • Lining Material: Quick drying integrated polyester
  • Outsole Material: Insulating, oil resistant, nitrile rubber
  • Outsole Design: SureGrip 360° forefoot and heel pads
  • Available in sizes 7-17

For more than 75 years Skellerup has been the leader in the design and manufacture of the world’s best hand laid rubber footwear. Skellerup’s Quatro Dielectric Overshoes and Boots provide superior comfort, gripand electrical protection. All overshoes and boots listed on this flyer are tested after manufacturing at 20kVfor 3 minutes as per test method ASTM F1116 for compliance with the standard ASTM F1117. All productscontained in this flyer carry a unique and traceable serial number for PPE management and control.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in


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