Universal Spline Hot Stick


Universal Hot Switch Stick has very high electrical and mechanical qualities! The Universal Hot Switch Stick is a foam-filled, fiberglass-reinforced Hot Stick with a universal spline adaptor on the end. It is manufactured using a pultrusion process that results in a product with extremely high electrical and mechanical qualities.

Call for custom sizing up to 10 foot maximum length.

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Straight sticks are manufactured from the highest quality electrical grade fiberglass. Wall thickness has been engineered to provide the utmost in mechanical strength to meet the rigors of in field pushing, pulling or twisting of stubborn equipment. Each stick interior is filled with a high performance closed cell foam to prevent water ingress. The stick exterior has been chemically sealed to provide a smooth surface texture for easy cleaning.

Straight sticks meet or exceed all applicable industry performance criteria including ASTM F711, ASTM F1826 and OSHA Sub. V sec. 1926.951(d).

  • Product length: Customer selected up to 10 foot maximum length.
  • Product weight: Variable. Estimated .5 pound per foot.

How to Order Universal Hot Stick

1. Custom design your own straight stick in the following manner. First, determine the required stick length in feet, up to 10 foot maximum.

2. Lastly, choose the two end components for the stick, your selections: hotstick probe, universal spline end, rubber end cap, switchhead, disconnect head, double prong, rotary prong and rotary blade.

The universal hotstick has a diameter of 1.25″. Foam filled hot sticks are manufactured using the pultrusion process. This method incorporate fiberglass reinforcement in a resin matrix which creates a moisture resistant laminate with excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Hot stick production is 100% electrically proof tested. Hot Stick blanks must conform with ASTM F711 requirements.

Hot Stick Storage Bags

Hot Stick Storage Bag 6″ X 36″ 4FT. thru 12FT.
Hot Stick Storage Bag 6″ X 63″ 16FT. thru 25FT., 4FT. Shot Gun Stick, 4FT. Straight Stick
Hot Stick Storage Bag 8.5″ X 75″ 30FT. thru 50FT.
Hot Stick Storage Bag 6″ X 7′ 6FT. Shot Gun Stick, 6FT. Straight Stick
Hot Stick Storage Bag 6″ X 9′ 8FT. Shot Gun Stick, 8FT. Straight Stick
Hot Stick Storage Bag 6″ X 11′ 10FT. Shot Gun Stick, 10FT. Straight Stick
Bucket Storage Case 4″ X 32″ ALL 4FT. thru 12FT. Bucket Sticks


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