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Telescoping Hot Sticks

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Fiberglass telescopic hot stick with tip lock feature. All sections are of reinforced high density electrical grade fiber glass laminate with unusual color stability, greater strength and high dielectric properties. Tubular sections are engineered to allow for air circulation; condensate and moisture is not trapped when the stick is retracted. Universal head is adaptable to standard fit on accessories. Disconnect hook is standard equipment. Tip completely retracts and locks into next larger section giving double wall strength and rigidity for heavy lifting operations. 100% tested per OSHA and ASTM F-711.

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Made in the USA The Telescoping Hot Sticks come equipped with a universal spline end and hot stick probe. In addition, the Telescoping Hot Sticks come with the tip lock operational feature standard. The operator can simply lock the end section into second to last section if necessary to obtain maximum flexural/tensile strength from the extended stick to open/close stubborn equipment. Remember when utilizing the tip lock feature the operator will lose approximately 5 foot of extended reach.

The Telescoping Hot Stick Blue Stripe fiberglass stick is the newest generation of fiberglass hotstick to enter the electrical market. The stick has been engineered so additional fiberglass has been added where the highest strength is required and removed where it is not required. The result is a telescopic stick able to withstand the rigors of line operations and still offer the utmost in lightweight for portablility. The outside surface texture provides a positive gripping surface even in wet conditions. All operating buttons are CNC machined from very high strength and water resistant engineered solid polymer rod to provide maximum mechanical strength.

All fiberglass hot sticks come equipped with the Blue Stripe patented feature. Simply align the blue stripes and all button and holes automatically match. No wasted time twisting and turning sections to get buttons to lock into place.

All fiberglass hot sticks also come equipped with the new EZ tip lock button replacement feature. No more complete stick disassembly to replace the tip lock button which usually winds up as a complete section 1 fiberglass changeout. The EZ tip lock button replacement feature permits the tip lock button to be replaced easily and rapidly WITHOUT disassembly of the entire stick, a costly and time consuming operation.

Hot sticks are manufactured from the highest grade electrical rated fiberglass and meet or exceed all applicable industry performance criteria including ASTM F711, ASTM F1826, and OSHA 1926.951(d).

Hot Stick Storage Bags

Hot Stick Storage Bag 6" X 36" 4FT. thru 12FT.
Hot Stick Storage Bag 6" X 63" 16FT. thru 25FT., 4FT. Shot Gun Stick, 4FT. Straight Stick
Hot Stick Storage Bag 8.5" X 75" 30FT. thru 50FT.
Hot Stick Storage Bag 6" X 7' 6FT. Shot Gun Stick, 6FT. Straight Stick
Hot Stick Storage Bag 6" X 9' 8FT. Shot Gun Stick, 8FT. Straight Stick
Hot Stick Storage Bag 6" X 11' 10FT. Shot Gun Stick, 10FT. Straight Stick
Bucket Storage Case 4" X 32" ALL 4FT. thru 12FT. Bucket Sticks

Additional Info

Additional Info

Set Product as New to Date No
Usually Ships 3-7 days on small quantities
Country of Origin USA
Manufacturer Warranty No
Ground Operable
Size Closed Length Base Diameter No. Of Sections Weight Operating Lengths
50 FT. 68" 3 1/2" 11 20 lb 50',45',40',35',30'
45 FT. 66" 3 1/8" 10 16 lb 8 oz 45',40',35',30',26'
40 FT. 65" 2 7/8" 9 13 lb 8 oz 40',35',30',26',21'
35 FT. 53" 3 1/2" 11 15 lb 4 oz 35',30'
35 FT. 63" 2 5/8" 8 11 lb 35',30',26',21',17'
30 FT. 62" 2 3/8" 7 8 lb 14 oz 30',26',21',17'
25 FT. 60" 2 1/8" 6 6 lb 14 oz 26',21',17'
20 FT. 58" 1 7/8" 5 5 lb 3 oz 21',17'
16 FT. 56" 1 5/8" 4 4 lb 16',12'
Bucket Operable
12 FT. 30" 2 5/8" 7 5 lb 4 oz 12'
10 FT. 28" 2 3/8" 6 4 lb 11 oz 10'
8 FT. 26" 2 1/8" 5 3 lb 11 oz 8'
6 FT. 26" 1 7/8" 4 2 lb 8 oz 6'
4 FT. 26" 1 5/8" 3 2 lb 4'
ETE 56" 1 1/4" 1 1 lb adds 56"
Manufacturer Macron Safety


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