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LoadRanger XLT Load Break Tool

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Macron Safety LoadRanger XLT Load Break Tool is by far the lightest portable loadbreak tool available in the world, approximately 1.1lb./1.2 lb. lighter than the competition.

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Weighing in at only 4.2 lb. the XLT-1 and 4.9 lb. of the XLT-2 is by far the lightest portable loadbreak tool available in the world, approximately 1.1 lb. to 1.2 lb. lighter than the competition. Ask any lineman and tool weight becomes extremely important when the tool is attached to the end of an extended fiberglass operating stick. The lighter the better for optimum tool control and minimal operator fatique. The LoadRanger includes the highest measured metal-to-metal clearance during operation to minimize flashover potential. In addition the LoadRanger incorporates a unique side located reset button which allows full tool reset without glove removal.

The LoadRanger was designed to be user friendly. The tool is simple to operate, spare parts are readily available with inspection and maintenance procedures easy to follow.

LoadRanger XLT Load Break Tool XLT-1 Features

  • Operational Voltage: 25 kV nominal, 27 kV maximum
  • Load Break Rating: 600 Amp nominal, 900 Amp maximum
  • Product weight: 4.2 lb
  • Product Dimension: 16" length, 6.25" height

LoadRanger XLT Load Break Tool XLT-2 Features

  • Operational Voltage Range: 25 kV nominal to 38 kV maximum Break Rating: 600 Amp nominal, 900 Amp maximum
  • Product weight: 4.9 lb.
  • Product Dimension: 22" length, 6.25" height

Many organizations do not use the operational counter and Macron Safety offers an economical XLT-1 and XLT-2 product line supplied without the counter. Why pay for something you do not use?

One of the most common operational practices made by utilities around the world is the opening of energized circuits. This crucial operation is performed more or less routinely by linemen thanks in great part due to the portable loadbreak tool. The fact that almost all overhead equipment come equipped with loadbreak hooks is a testament to the acceptance of portable loadbreak tools within the utility industry.

Portable loadbreak tools are engineered to permit energized circuits to be easily and safely opened. Portable loadbreak tools are offered in two sizes. One size is designed to open circuits from 7.8KV through 25KV and a larger size is designed to open circuits from 25KV through 38KV.

However, there are also two very important design criteria that must also be addressed with the user linemen in mind.

The two design criteria of importance in a portable loadbreak tool are (1) maneuverability and (2) weight.

Maneuverability becomes important when the lineman does not have clear access to the energized equipment. This is especially true in urban areas where overhead distribution systems are congested (especially phase to phase), mature trees become obstacles or fenced in yards limit accessibility. In these situations it is imperative the tool offer maximum 3D maneuverability to the lineman.

The second design criteria of utmost importance is tool weight. As a general rule of thumb, portable loadbreak tools cannot be safely controlled when extended beyond 8 feet from the linemen. Why is this? Typical portable loadbreak tools can range from 5.5 up to 8 pounds in weight depending upon tool model and selected options. As a result, this means the lineman will need to control anywhere from 44 to 80 ft-lbs of force when the portable loadbreak tool is at the end of an 8 foot fiberglass stick!

Late last year Utility Solutions decided to commit considerable engineering resources to develop a new generation loadbreak tool exhibiting unparalleled maneuverability and lightest weight. Engineering parameters were received from a number of key utility personnel as well as from in-field sales personnel from Car- Vir Corporation. The end result is the new Utility Solutions LOADRANGER XLT portable loadbreak tool line, shown below.

Linemen will find the Utility Solutions LOADRANGER XLT portable loadbreak tool line offers everything they want in the lightest weight package. The 7.2KV through 25KV XLT loadbreak tool weighs in at only 4.2 lbs (The 25KV through 38KV XLT loadbreak tool weighs in at only 4.9 lbs)! It is also important the user realize this light weight was obtained without sacrificing any operational feature. The standard XLT loadbreak tool is rated up to 900 ampere loadbreak capability, is supplied with a counter and offers the highest degree of operational maneuverability. However, the XLT was designed from the start to provide three additional features to the lineman.

First, Utility Solutions realized the use of an operational counter could provide a false sense of security to the utility. Therefore, for those users that inspect their portable loadbreak tools on a time schedule rather than number of counts, Utility Solutions offers a “no counter” option believing why buy something you do not want.

Secondly, comments received from Car-Vir in-field sales personnel indicated an improved reset button design would be well received since pinched fingers during the reset operation was often heard by the customer. The XLT was designed with a revolutionary side mounted reset button to eliminate the potential for pinched fingers.

Thirdly, but still of high importance, Utility Solutions engineered the XLTTM to provide no less than 15% higher metal-to-metal clearance when operational. The end user may not realize this feature but it will provide the Utility Solutions LOADRANGER XLT portable loadbreak tool a higher resistance to potential flashover than other competitive tools.

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Additional Info

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