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Cut-Resistant Pants

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Macron Cut-Resistant pants with Outlast liner, utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. 

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Macron Safety



Macron Safety CutPro™ Natural Clothing

made in the USA Cut resistant garments for workers in high mechanical risk areas require specially engineered fabrics designed to protect without compromising comfort and appearance. Norfab's new CutPro™ Natural line of fabrics employ unique NorFab yarn designs that combine the strength, high thermal capability, cut resistance and durability of Teijin Twaron® with the hardness of stainless steel. The unique composition of CutPro™ Natural provides outstanding protection against hazards posed by sharp objects and revolving or reciprocating blades.

Garments made with this CutPro™ Natural fabric provide:

  • ANSI/ISEA  105-2011 Level 4 Cut Protection, Level 4 Puncture Resistance, Level 2 Abrasion Resistance
  • 100% inherent flame resistance that will never wash out or wear out
  • Appearance of natural Twaron® brand fiber masks the presence of stainless steel wire.
  • For Use: Sheet-metal handling, Glass handling, Automotive assembly

Cut Protection Data Sheet

  • NorFab CutPro Natural - Fabric Style 09TT371
  • Base Fabric Twaron®/Stainless Steel Wire
  • Color/Appearance Yellow
  • Weave Style Twill
  • Weight oz/yd2 9 +/- 7%
  • Fabric Thickness, inches 0.025 +/-0..5
  • Tensile Strength ASTM D5034, (Grab) (W&F), Lbs. 400 x 270
  • Cut Performance Test (ASTM F 1790-05) CPPT (g.) 2634
  • Cut Resistance (ANSI/ISEA 105-2011) Level 4
  • Puncture Resistance Test EN 388 (N) 132
  • Puncture Resistance ANSI/ISEA 105-2011 Level 4
  • Abrasion Resistance Test ASTM D3884-09 (Taber; 600 Cycles H18 wheel; 500 g, wt.)
  • Abrasion Resistance (ANSI/ISEA 105-2011) Level 2

Outlast® technology, originally developed for NASA, utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort.  Outlast® technology is comparable to ice in a drink; as it changes from solid to liquid, it absorbs heat and cools the drink, keeping that drink at the desired temperature for longer. Outlast® phase change materials work in the same way, but are microencapsulated to be permanently enclosed and protected in a polymer shell. We call microencapsulated phase change materials Thermocules™.

This encapsulation process makes the Thermocules™ exceptionally durable for many applications. These Thermocules™ can be incorporated into fabrics and fibers and have the capacity to absorb, store and release excess heat.  This gives any product containing Outlast® technology the ability to continually regulate skin’s microclimate. As the skin gets hot, the heat is absorbed, and as it cools, that heat is released.

Outlast® technology is not wicking technology, which manages moisture by reacting to your sweat and pulling it away from the skin. Outlast® technology will proactively manage heat while controlling the production of moisture before it begins. That’s the Outlast® difference.


Outlast® technology takes comfort to the next level by proactively alleviating spikes in skin temperature throughout the day. With Outlast® technology added to apparel products, individuals will feel just right, no matter what the activity or season.

With added comfort you also provide added value for your customers. Outlast® technology is a tested and proven benefit that many trusted apparel brands are already taking advantage of. The following are some examples of apparel products and the appropriate Outlast® material to use.

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Additional Info

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Determine the Correct Protection Level, To evaluate Fire Retardant clothing materials in order to measure the heat transferred through the fabric, two values are calculated: Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV)...the minimum energy causing the predicted onset of second-degree burns and Heat Attenuation Factor (HAF)...the percentage of total energy of the arc that the fabric prevents from passing through, OSHA requires that each employer must assess the potential hazards in the work environment and determine the appropriate clothing materials using ASTM PS57-97. Always do a hazard assessment. You will need to know electrical system voltage, fault current available, number of phases, Arc time duration, estimated Arc gap, minimum distance from the Arc, and Arc configuration.

Free Duke Power Heat Flux Calculator: For the purpose of calculating heat flux received at a surface some distance from an Electric Arc.