Do I need to wear protective clothing at all?

The difference between life and death for an electrician

Even the most experienced, confident, safe and well trained electricians have become the victims of a life ending arc flash event.

An arc flash is never planned or expected but when it does happen it is a catastrophic event that is life changing or unfortunately life ending. No one is prepared for an instantaneous flash that throws them to the ground and engulfs their clothing in fire causing the material to melt into the skin.

The difference between life and death comes down to something as simple as wearing the proper protective clothing. Unlike the 1970’s and 1980’s when protective clothing was heavy, hot, bulky and sometimes made of cotton, today’s protective clothing is light, breathable and absorbs moisture.

If you aren’t sure what type of protection you may need in your work environment contact Macron Safety and we will help you choose the proper clothing for your specific needs and possible electrical exposure.

Macron Safety also offers onsite arc flash safety training at your facility and complete line of Arc Flash Personal Protective Clothing from 5 cal/cm2 to 140 Ballistic cal/cm2.

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