New Zealand Taylor’s Electrical Employee Electrocuted

Cafe staff and customers rushed to perform CPR on a young electrician after he was seriously injured while working at a Masterton cafe in New Zealand

The 22-year-old Taylor’s Electrical employee was working on a power socket in Strada Cafe’s kitchen when he was electrocuted. Someone nearby immediately shut off the main power while others rushed to perform CPR.

“It was really touch and go, to be honest, my gut feeling was that he was gone,” Mr Lethbridge said.

The man had been with Taylor’s Electrical for several years and yesterday was his first day back at work after a summer break. The quick actions of those around him had probably saved his life.

A Wairarapa Hospital spokeswoman said the electrician had been in a critical condition when he arrived at the emergency department.

The Department of Labour is investigating.

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