Cut-Resistant Clothing

cut-resistant-clothingMacron Safety has become the “go-to” company for Arc Flash and FR clothing, as more and more companies discover our light weight yet highly protective clothing and our personalized customer service. Macron Safety’s Arc Flash light weight clothing has the same protection and coverage as the heavy, hot clothing that has been historically the only choice in the industry for Arc Flash and FR clothing.

Macron Safety is now offering a new cut resistant fabric. Many companies offer the Hex Armor gloves and sleeves. Macron Safety is offering jackets, pants, bib overalls, lab coats and many other clothing items out of the same super skin fabric used to make the Hex Armor gear. As a safety company offering various types of PPE we can now also offer tree trimmers, glass handlers, dog catchers, meat cutters (and on and on) cut level 5 clothing that is light weight and comfortable to wear.  We also use this fabric on our FR clothing as knee and elbow patches which significantly increases the life of the garment.

Macron Safety is now proud to offer the Super Skin Defender Series.  This line of clothing offers impenetrable, industry leading cut resistance shirts, pants, and anything else you can think to make (Macron Safety works with you to customize your needs).

The new fabric we use exceeds both ISEA/ANSI and CE/EN388 level 5 cut-resistance.  The tiny guard plates create a shielding effect which resists like no other material in the market.

Performance is enhanced through the configuration of tiny guard plates which provide resistance to lacerations and slashes like no other material on the market.

·  Exceeds ISEA/ANSI (ASTM F1790-05) and CE (EN388) Level 5

·  Shielding effect keeps sharp cut hazards (metal, blades, glass) from slipping between fibers and causing cut injuries

·  Won’t snag or abrade like typical fiber-based cut-resistant clothing.

What we have learned at Macron Safety is that typical cut-resistant clothing is made with a performance fiber like Kevlar and while this clothing offers a fair level of cut-resistance, it lacks the ability to prevent hazards from puncturing or penetrating the skin.  At Macron Safety our NEW cut-resistant clothing offers more than just protection from the sharp edges of glass causing straight edge cut hazards, it protects from both straight edged cuts and variable straight on puncture situations.

Macron Safety’s new clothing incorporates a variety of protective fabric functions that no other known fabric can simulate; including industry-leading cut, puncture, and needle-resistance fabrics.

Call 916 905-6535 or Contact Macron Safety for all your protective clothing needs and questions.

No More Heavy, Bulky FR Garments! Polartec FR Fabrics Are Safe, Warm and Comfortable

For the past 50 years, flame resistant (FR) garments have been heavy, bulky and very little if any breathability. These fabrics also can degrade over time in their flame protection capabilities. Polartec®, the world’s leading fabric technology company, launched a total layering system of flame resistant (FR) fabrics. These fabrics are specifically designed to work together to keep you safe and comfortable in a wide range of conditions. Polartec FR fabrics are now available!

Polartec has worked for over 10 years with the U.S. Military to create new fabrics for soldiers.  The technology they developed for high performance flame resistant clothing is now available to consumers who work in the industry that requires safety applications. These fabrics offer leading protection against arc flash and flash fire hazards. The fabrics are designed for high performance as a stand-alone garment or as part of a layering system. Polartec FR fabrics are now available in collections from Macron Safety.

  • Polartec® Power Dry® FR fabrics are odor resistant and provide all-day next-to-skin comfort through a patented knit construction that dramatically improves comfort by transporting moisture away from the skin and pulling it to the outer surface where it can dry quickly.
  • Polartec® Power Stretch® FR is a unique hybrid fabric suitable as a cold weather base layer or as an only layer that offers wind and abrasion resistance, four-way stretch for freedom of movement, and moisture management and breathability to keep you warm and dry.
  • Polartec® Thermal® FR fabrics feature a durable velour construction that offers superior warmth without weight and outstanding breathability to regulate body temperature, making for a versatile and comfortable mid layer or outer layer.
  • Polartec® Wind Pro® FR fabrics are four times more wind resistant than traditional fleece and offer exceptional breathability and a high warmth-to-weight ratio in a unique, lightweight package that sheds rain and snow.
  • Polartec® Power Shield® FR is a new product category for FR apparel – a patented, flame resistant version of the Polartec soft shell fabric that reinvented technical outerwear by offering a unique combination of water resistance, thermal insulation and breathability for active comfort.

Polartec FR fabrics are inherently flame resistant, tested in both in-house and independent state-of-the-art laboratories, and pass relevant industry certifications.

Macron Safety Lightest Weight Arc Flash Protection

Macron Safety is proud to announce that we are now selling the lightest weight clothing for Arc Flash Protection

Macron Safety is now selling the lightest weight Arc Flash safety clothing available on the market today.

These fabrics come in 3 different weights: 5 ounces, 6 ounces and 7 ounces.  Each fabric weight is a woven light weight dimensionally stable novel fabric composed of an optimal blend of Para-Aramid, OPF, and Novoloid (Phenolic) fibers. The 5 & 6 ounce fabrics are excellent for Electric Arc Splash Protective garments.   The 7 ounce fabric is also excellent for Electric Arc Protective garments; and when used as a single layer, will meet 8 Cal requirements.

This fabric also comes in 3 different Quilt liners. One of these is The Omni Quilt™ Thermal Liner which is 4 layers of Basofil Blend Spunlace Fabric.

The second Quilt fabric is the OMNI™ Quilt synergy (06OQ1PB). This is a high performance thermal liner constructed of two fabric layers quilted in a 3 inch diamond pattern with natural Nomex® thread. The first layer is a blue dyed woven Nomex® fabric. The second layer is a hydro-entangled nonwoven fabric composed of Basofil®, meta-aramid, and para-aramid fibers. This quilted fabric has been tested and meets the requirements of NFPA 1971-2007.

The third OMNI™ Synergy (07OQ2PB) is a high performance thermal liner constructed of three fabric layers quilted in a 2 inch diamond pattern with natural Nomex® thread. the first layer is a blue dyed woven Nomex® fabric. The second and third layers are a hydro-entangled nonwoven fabric composed of Basofil®, meta-aramid, and para-aramid fibers. This quilted fabric has been tested and meets the requirements of NFPA 1971-2007.

Macron Safety has sourced the best safety fabric available in order to allow our customers to wear lightweight but Arc Flash safe PPE Clothing.

This fabric utilizes unique fiber blends in their yarns and woven fabrics, including narrow fabrics of all types (tape, braided packing, twisted rope, woven sleeving, braided sleeving, wick and filler). They develop, manufacture and sell the lightest weight ensemble for NFPA 70 E Category 4 Electric Arc Protection.

This line of CutPro™ fabrics and DREF yarns exceed 3000 grams of cut protection (CPPT) in a 9.0 oz/yd² fabric offering Level 4 ASTM 1790-2005 protection levels. Another recent development is their ArcWeld™ line of fabric. The ArcWeld™ line is a unique multifunctional fabric line offering NFPA 70E Level 2 ARC resistance, 100% inherent flame resistance, ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 high visibility compliance along with Level 2 ASTM 1790-2005 cut protection.

Macron Safety will make your custom Arc Flash Safety clothing to your specification and to fit all your unique needs and work environments. Contact us today or call 1-916-905-6535.

Woodpecker’s and utility pole damage

Woodpecker’s, which have been notorious in their destructive of utility pole’s, are a protected migratory bird. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) protects all woodpeckers and their nests. This being said, numerous attempts have been made to “repel” woodpecker’s from their damaging effects on utility poles.

Because woodpeckers cause extensive damage in a short period of time, poles can become structurally unsound between inspections which poses a danger to lineman.

Many solutions have been tried and discarded; including but not limited to decoys, objects that move, shine, create noise, smells & odd colors. None of these work for very long because the woodpecker soon realizes that these things do not pose a threat. Barriers such as wire mesh proved to have just as many woodpecker holes as poles without the mesh. The mesh also increases pole conductivity which made it potentially more dangerous for workers. And these are only a few of the many many attempts to stop the damage from woodpeckers.

Woodpeckers will continue to damage poles resulting in millions of dollars of maintenance costs for utilities. Research leading to the development of an effective woodpecker deterrent would result in annual savings of millions of maintenance dollars for utilities.

One solution we know of that is currently successful in thwarting woodpeckers is an item called a Woodpecker Wrap. According to a lineman in the state of Oklahoma, they have woodpeckers in their area that he refers to as “Woodpeckers on Steroids”. The Woodpecker Wrap is the only successful solution they have found.