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Chicago Protective Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit

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750 Series Proximity and Kiln Suit Radiant and ambient heat protection. One size fits all.

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Chicago Protective



The insulated fire proximity suits with aluminized ZETEX fabric outer shell and double vapor barrier are used in industries where protection from high heat sources, including steam and hot liquids or vapors, is required. Some of the environmnets where this aluminized suit from Chicago Protective Apparel would be useful are refineries, petrochemical plants, foundries and casting plants, basic steel and aluminum industries, glass and ceramic plants, and laboratories. The proximity suits are useful for work in high heat areas such kiln or oven maintenance and repair. Each suit includes a hood, coat, pants, boots, mitts and heavy-duty storage trunk.

Insulated suit with aluminized ZETEX® fabric outer shell and double vapor barrier.

  • HOOD: Full shoulder length drape. Adjustable underarm straps. Built-in shell for structural support. Hard cap with ratchet adjustment. Speedy clip for hard cap support. 6" x 91⁄4" gold window and aluminum retainer. Two side wing locks for holding lens and retainer in place.
  • COAT: Available with or without breathing apparatus accommodation. Double storm fly front. Flame seal with drawstring at coat bottom.
  • PANTS: High waist design. 2-inch wide adjustable suspenders. Adjustment straps on leg bottoms.
  • BOOTS: Designed to fit over work shoes. Leather insulated soles. Adjustment tightening straps. ZETEX PLUS® binding.
  • MITTS: ZETEX PLUS® palm and thumb. Aluminized back and cuff.

Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit Features

  • Aluminized Z-Flex outer shell reflects 90% of radiant heat
  • Aluminized vapor barrier layer protects against steam, vapor, and chemicals
  • Layers of 1-inch fiberglass insulation for ambient heat protection
  • Fire resistant vapor barrier lining
  • Complete set with Hood, Coat, Pants, Boots, Mitts, and Foot Locker Box or Duffle Bag for storage. Also available in one piece coverall style
  • Made from Z-Flex® Aluminized Technology which is certified to the following standards:
  • EN 532:1992 Limited Flame Spread
  • EN 367:1992 Convective Heat
  • EN 366:1993 Method B Radiant Heat
  • EN 407:2004 Molten Metal Splash

Proximity Suit Temperature Rating

  • Short duration ambient heat up to 550°F (288°C)
  • Radiant heat to 3000°F (1650°C)

Ambient heat is the equilibrium temperature in an area. Radiant heat 
is given off by a heat source in proximity. Duration varies depending on the amount of conductive heat transferred during the operation. The NXP 750 Proximity Suit should not be used for fire entry.


Our suits are used in industries where protection from high heat sources, including steam and hot liquids or vapors, is required. Examples would be refineries, petrochemical plants, foundries and casting plants, basic steel and aluminum industries, glass and ceramic plants, and laboratories. Our FIRE ENTRY suit is an essential safety measure for industries dealing with volatile or highly flammable materials. The KILN and PROXIMITY suits are used for maintenance tasks in high heat areas such as kiln or oven maintenance and repair. The Proximity suit, with its double vapor barrier, should be used when steam and volatile materials present an additional hazard. The Kiln suit is suitable for short duration in ambient heat up to 1000oF (530oC) and the Proximity suit in ambient heat up to 500oF (260oC).

The non-insulated APPROACH suit is used in just about every industry requiring heat protective clothing. It is suitable where ambient temperatures do not exceed 200oF (93oC).

All suits with aluminized ZETEX® outer shell fabric are suitable for exposure to radiant heat up to 2000oF (1093oC). Breathing apparatus is required for the Kiln and Entry suits, and is optional for the Proximity and Approach suits. We do, however, recommend that Proximity suits be ordered with breathing apparatus accommodation. ALWAYS have two people suited with Fire Entry, Kiln and Proximity suits to work in relays and to aid each other.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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